Heavenly Boy/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

This morning I met a family who drove in from about an hour away.  I always admire families that do that, especially with their first baby.  When we had our first, I didn’t even want to leave the house unless we had to.  It means a lot to me that these first time parents go so far to come and have a session with me and trust me with their precious babies.  This family was super sweet.  I barely got to know them because as soon as they got here, we started right away since baby boy was already asleep and he slept through most of his session.  It was one of the quickest sessions I’ve ever had.  This baby boy was just a dream!  Congratulations you guys on one amazing little man!

I saw these leaves in our yard yesterday and really wanted to use them for this session.  It just so happened that mom and dad had picked out my orange bucket to use for their session so the leaves were perfect!  Fall is here!