Little Genius!/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

This weekend I met the most gentle-natured family.  They were so easy to be around so it didn’t surprise me that their baby girl was just as easy-going.  I’m pretty sure this girl is going to cure cancer someday.  She was unlike any newborn I’ve ever seen.  She looked directly at her mom and then her dad and smiled right at them!  She was so observant, really taking everything in.  And she was so strong.  She could sit herself up from a laying down position.  I had to stay really close to her after posing her, for fear that she would sit up and roll right off of the beanbag!  lol  Mom’s sister bought the session for them which I thought was so awesome!  What an amazing aunt she’s going to make.  This baby girl is so lucky to have these incredible people all around her.