Precious Babe/Asheville Newborn Photographer

I sent the gallery to this mom and dad so I wanted to share some more photos of this precious baby girl.  I really loved this session and feel so lucky that parents choose me to photograph these beautiful babies for their first ever professional photos.  It means a lot because there are only a brazillion photographers in this town.  hehe  I love my job and love what I do so much.  My mind never leaves my business.  I am never not looking for beautiful props, fabrics and outdoor locations.  I am always thinking about the new mommas that I’ve met and wondering how they are doing.  I love seeing them and their sweet babies on Facebook.  And I love seeing those newborn babies at 6 months or 1 year when I get to photograph them again.  It’s so cool to see their little personalities coming out!  My job rocks.  People often ask me if I’ll ever go back to teaching.  How could I give up this amazing opportunity?  I miss my babies (5 year olds) that I used to get to have so much fun with each day at school, but I love my clients and their families and the friendships that come out of meeting them!