Bath Time!/Asheville Baby Photographer

I rarely get my camera out to take pictures of my own kids lately.  I usually grab my phone and use Instagram.  I like the filters.  It’s easy to upload to our family blog.  But the quality, eh….so yesterday I decided it was time to take some good pictures for once!  Piper gets so excited when she sees my camera or my phone.  She makes taking pictures with my phone really difficult because she starts kicking and squirming which makes for some very blurry pictures.  😉



It’s never too early to start learning about letters!  lol



So Precious/Asheville Newborn Photographer

This past weekend I finally got to meet the baby who I met in her momma’s tummy a couple of weeks back. When I saw her, I couldn’t help but tear up.  She was so beautiful and the same size as my Piper when she was born.  She made me realize how big Piper has gotten because she looked and felt like a giant after holding her!  I loved this session so much but baby girl had me a little worried.  I’m usually really good at settling a baby and have been called “the baby whisperer” by some but at an hour and a half into this session, this baby was still awake!  She was content but not wanting to sleep.  When I finally got her asleep, she did not like being moved.  If I even moved her finger, she would scream at me.  😉  It’s funny how babies show their personalities so early on!  She’s going to be a feisty one for sure. 😉  Watch out mom and dad!  But feisty can be good!  I’ve got one of my own. I’m looking forward to watching this baby girl grow. It’s so cool staying in touch with clients on Facebook and getting to see pictures of their babies as they grow.  It does go way too fast though. 🙁

A Momma and Her Boys/Asheville Family and Child Photographer

I did pictures of these two boys yesterday and their momma.  Poor things both had colds and it was freezing so it wasn’t exactly their dream afternoon.  To top it off, it started raining towards the end of our session and we had a ways to walk to get back to the car.  But we got some cute pictures and they were happy once they were all bundled up.  Thanks for hanging out with me and being such troopers!  Next time, it’s going to be warm and sunny for us!

A Few More Faves/Asheville Maternity Photographer

This momma is at the hospital right now getting ready to have her baby.  🙂  I get very excited for my clients when they have their babies, even if I barely know them.  It’s such an amazing time in the lives of a parent.  I can’t wait for them to feel the love that you have for your child.  It’s like no other.  I just finished editing their session tonight and wanted to share a few more of my favorites.  I’m ready to meet you baby Naomi!  Go easy on your momma.