Sweet Piper/Asheville Newborn Photographer

Our baby girl arrived a week ago, a little over a week early. She was a late night surprise!  I love her so very much and feel very protective over her.  She and I both went through a really stressful time during my pregnancy.  I was seeing specialists each week because they thought that she might have some skeletal problems and then placenta issues.  Well, she came out a perfectly healthy and sweet baby girl.  I’m still in shock that she is okay. I’ve never cried so much and gone through so many emotions as I did when I was pregnant, so to see her here now with no problems just amazes me.  I’ve been waiting to do her newborn pictures until I felt like I’ve recovered enough from the C-section, but today I decided to do just a few pictures, even though I have a feeling I should have waited a little longer.  But she’s already changing and growing and I want to capture her now.  I will be doing more in a few days, but here are some from my studio today.  I love you my little Piper!