Oh Happiness is…

…finding out that you are having another baby and that things look great so far!  🙂  We are expecting our second baby, due in March!  We are so thrilled, scared, nervous, happy, and terrified all at the same time!  Mya was a pretty difficult baby.  She cried all of the time, wouldn’t sleep.  We were always on the verge of losing our minds.  Not only was she difficult, but she totally shocked our worlds!  We weren’t used to not being able to go and do what we wanted when we wanted.  We had no idea how much our lives would change!  As she got older, she started to get easier in some ways but then more difficult in others.  It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve thought, “Wow, she has gotten so much easier!”  She’s so sweet, independent, happy!  It might have a lot to do with the major diet changes that we made a short time back.  She was sooooo hyper before then!  Now she’s so calm, most of the time, unless her grandparents call.  😉  But, we have been really scared of having more kids, until now.  We are ready, as ready as we will ever be!  I’ve never really been much of an “Awe, so cute baby” kind of person until now.  Now every baby I see, I just am in awe and can’t wait to have one to hold of our own!  So please send good thoughts and prayers our way that this baby will be strong, healthy, and most importantly, laid back!  Oh and if I gag at your session, don’t take it personally.  It’s just the horrible morning sickness that has been haunting me!  hehe

Takes Me Back/Manhattan Toddler Photographer

This morning I did first birthday pictures for this adorable little girl.  She reminds me so much of this little girl, my all time favorite little client from Austin.  Both girls are English too which is quite funny.  I just loved doing pictures for this family this morning.  Sweet thing wasn’t in such a good mood when we first started since it was getting close to her morning nap time.  I was afraid we were going to have to reschedule but she surprised us all and did a really great job!   Thank you guys for such a wonderful morning in such a beautiful location!  And by the way, for those of you wondering, her momma ordered this cute little outfit off of Amazon!  Adorable!  Okay, time for a picnic with my own sweet little family in Central Park.  🙂

Yum!  This cupcake came from Crumbs, the best bakery on earth!

Gorgeous momma=gorgeous baby!

Look at these precious little birthday bloomers!

A whole lotta vintage for ya:

Who’s Gettin’ Hitched?/Hoboken Engagement Photographer

This morning’s session was like none other that I’ve done before.  Being new to NYC, I get nervous about venturing out away from my usual routes and so when I had to get myself to Hoboken, on the other side of the river, early this morning, I was slightly nervous about it.  I woke up at 6:30 and got out the door by 7:30 to give myself plenty of time to catch the train at 8:15.  Plenty of time to get there!  Yeah, plenty of time if you can just NOT get lost.  I’m so good at getting lost, let me tell you.  So I made it to the train, stomach rumbling from not having time to stop for a bagel, just as the train was about to leave.  Whew!!!  Thank goodness the session went well once I got there.  It started off a little rough because the sun was just sooo bright!  The sun comes up super early here in the north which makes morning sessions pretty tricky.  In Manhattan, there are plenty of buildings so there is always shade, but in N.J. it was totally different.  I was feeling a little worried about the whole situation.  After we finally decided to just walk around the town and find some cool spots things finally started to click and I was getting some great shots.  It ended just perfectly too!  This couple met in a bar in Hoboken and so we ended the session at the bar.  SO much fun!!!  I loved it!  I love when couples have some unique ideas like that,  makes the photos so much more personal.  And the best part about all of this, she loves the vintage look, oh yay!  Thanks you two for putting up with all of my silly ideas this morning.  I had a great time hanging out in a new town with you guys!  And did I make it home without a hitch?  Of course not.  Got on the wrong train, went way out of the way, had to find the right train and finally made it back to the city, absolutely starving!!  Next time, sessions out of the city are gonna have to be evening sessions, after a good meal.  Lesson learned.  😉

I love this one.  She just looks so beautiful!  Work it girl!  😉

Check out this view of the city!  Gorgeous!

Happy Birthday to You!/Manhattan Child Photographer

Every now and then I will have a session where I am yelling, “Oh my gosh!!!” the whole time and I just can’t wait to get home to start editing the pictures.  Tonight was one of those nights.  I’m even missing the finale of my favorite show, the Bachelorette, to work on the pictures.  Don’t judge!  😉  I took pictures of this precious little girl for her upcoming first birthday.  She was so happy and just plain easy!  Her momma ordered the cutest little outfit off of Etsy, the place to shop if you are looking for the cutest stuff on Earth!  And check out the big cupcake that she made!  I love it when parents are so involved and make my job so easy!  Thank you guys.  I really had the best time with you!!  Happy birthday sweet little Emily!

Ummm, Emily?  I think she’s done, folks!

I think I see a sugar high!