Haven’t Disappeared!

I know, I know, no posts in quite some time.  I haven’t quit the biz or ran off to some foreign country.  Still here enjoying every second of this sweet city!  Mya and I have been busy, busy.  I have clients booked but they don’t start until the 24th.  It is kind of nice taking it easy for once.  I can take naps when Mya naps instead of working the whole time.  It’s going to be hard to get back to work when I need to.  I’ve become accustomed to my 1:30 nap time.  😉  But I can’t wait to be busy again.  I do miss those days.  I have a toddler session coming up, my very first Baby Bloomer and then an engagement session in Hoboken that I’m all very excited about!  So I promise, cool photos to come very soon!

If you are thinking of booking a date, think no more and get on it because the special offer that I have now will be coming to an end very soon and dates are starting to fill in for the year.  I only do a small number of sessions per month, so if you want one of them, contact me ASAP!  The best time to get your holiday pictures done is in September or October, so don’t wait if that is something that you are interested in!  🙂