Someplace in Time/Manhattan Baby Photographer

Today I took pictures of my very first baby bloomer family.  This means that I will get to see this sweet little guy every few months and will get to watch him grow and change.  This is very exciting to me because normally I do pictures for a family and I may see them here and there but I don’t get to watch their babies really change into who they are going to be.  This little guy is almost 3 months old and momma had really wanted some newbornish pictures.  I was really worried that we weren’t going to get anything close, but man, I was so wrong!  We got some really adorable sleeping pictures.  And um, their apartment is like nothing I have ever seen.  It was so beautiful!  It made me not ever want to go back to my own little rinky dink apartment!  I’m just a tad jealous.  😉  So I am exhausted today and was just going to put one or two pictures up but once I got started editing, I couldn’t stop!  I just love all of their pictures.  The mom had some really great ideas!  I love it when parents are creative like that!  Thank you guys.  I had such a great evening with you and I can’t wait to see you in 3 months!

Check out this ultra cool mirror that mom wanted to incorporate into the pictures:  “Someplace in Time”

I didn’t tell mom and dad that I got this shot while they were off getting something in another room.  Thought it would be a cute surprise.  🙂

This bed was made by the dad’s grandfather!  Priceless!

Loved, loved, loved this door!

Mom ordered this little pear outfit for the session.  Oh my!!!!  So adorable!

And I had to get a picture of me and my new mode of transportation.  I used to load up the back of my SUV to get all of my stuff to my sessions in Austin.  Baby sessions require a ton of stuff.  Once I moved here, I didn’t know what I was going to do!  Cab?  Subway?  How?  Well, this is how it’s done ladies and gentlemen!  lol  Welcome to the Big Apple!  😉

The Princess and the Frog/Manhattan Child Photographer

This morning I did 2 year birthday pictures for this sweet little thang!  Her momma is in a playgroup that I started.  I met her through a different playgroup when I first moved to NY and she sent me the absolutely nicest email.  She has been so helpful to me.  I’m lucky to have met her and her beautiful little family!  I see a strong friendship about to start up.  😉  Her daughter was so easy!  All I had to do was bust out my handy dandy little frog and she was laughing and smiling.  Thank you guys for hanging out with me in this awful heat!!  Have a great trip to Phoenix.  NY will miss you while you are gone!  And happy birthday sweet little girl!

Poor thing, it was really hot, as you can see:

Haven’t Disappeared!

I know, I know, no posts in quite some time.  I haven’t quit the biz or ran off to some foreign country.  Still here enjoying every second of this sweet city!  Mya and I have been busy, busy.  I have clients booked but they don’t start until the 24th.  It is kind of nice taking it easy for once.  I can take naps when Mya naps instead of working the whole time.  It’s going to be hard to get back to work when I need to.  I’ve become accustomed to my 1:30 nap time.  😉  But I can’t wait to be busy again.  I do miss those days.  I have a toddler session coming up, my very first Baby Bloomer and then an engagement session in Hoboken that I’m all very excited about!  So I promise, cool photos to come very soon!

If you are thinking of booking a date, think no more and get on it because the special offer that I have now will be coming to an end very soon and dates are starting to fill in for the year.  I only do a small number of sessions per month, so if you want one of them, contact me ASAP!  The best time to get your holiday pictures done is in September or October, so don’t wait if that is something that you are interested in!  🙂