Little Bear

Mya has become totally obsessed with the children’s show called Little Bear.  She has to watch it every morning.  There are 3 segments in each episode and each time a new one starts she has to run up to me or Ryder and yell, “Another one!!”  😉  The other day she was so into it that she wouldn’t even look at me or acknowledge me when I spoke to her.  It was kind of scary.  I had to get a picture of this to remember that TV really can rot your brain!  lol  (For those of you bored of pictures of Mya, so sorry!  Still waiting to book some clients in NY.  🙁  I’ve only been here a week but I’m dying to get back to work.  During Mya’s nap, I usually edit photos for clients, but right now all I do is surf the web.  There’s only so much you can look at on-line before your brain rots too!)

It’s Shower Time

This morning while I was getting ready, Mya started playing in our shower curtain.  She was all wrapped up in it laughing hysterically to herself.  I had to run and get the camera.  Right now with the move, she doesn’t have a lot of toys here yet until the movers come tomorrow so it’s nice to see her having fun regardless!

What a Cutie

So yesterday my friend Brandy and I traded little mini sessions.  It was rather difficult.  It had to be one of the windiest days ever!!  So that made it hard for her to do pictures for me since my hair didn’t want to stay out of my face!  And by the time we got to her son, he was over it and ready to go home.  But I got some cute ones anyways because he’s just so easy and smiles when the camera is pointed at him.  Wow, must be nice to have a child like that!  Hope you like these Brandy!  We will miss you guys very much!

It’s Not You, It’s Me!

My friend, Brandy and I have been talking about trading a session for a while.  Well, tonight was the last possible night.  Tomorrow she leaves for California and on Saturday, we’re off to N.Y.  I wanted some pictures showing a little bit of N.Y., hence the apple.  😉  I’ve got some cute pictures for her!  Can’t wait to share those, hopefully tomorrow.  (We traded RAW files so that we could do with them what we wanted.  So of course I had to add a vintage touch to mine.)  This move is in high gear.  We are down to the wire!  We are selling my car tomorrow.  And yes, I have cried over it.  I love my car!!  It’s the only car that I’ve ever owned that I really just loved.  It makes me a little sad to see it go.  But I won’t need it when we move. I know that!  We have one thing left to sell, our TV!  And now we have to figure out how to fit everything else that is left in our house into 3 suitcases.  Just a tad bit stressful.  In most moves you can move your things out and then go back and make sure you got it all.  Not this time.  We had the movers come last week, and now we pack our suitcases and hop on a plane.  Whewee!  So why has my stomach been hurting so much?  lol  Thank you so much, Brandy, for doing pictures for me.  I can’t wait to post yours!  So check back tomorrow.  For now, it’s bedtime!


This year, the wildflowers have just been so beautiful and are everywhere!!  There is this field in my neighborhood that was full of bluebonnets and now it’s full of yellow flowers.  I’ve driven by it over and and over and finally one day I decided that it was time to get Mya out there.  So beautiful!