So In Love/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

This is my little cousin and his new baby girl. She’s growing so quickly that it’s blowing my mind! I feel like she was just born and now she’s full of personality and smiling and laughing. She’s the perfect addition to our family and brings so much joy! I love her little toes in that first photo! I didn’t notice them until I got home and started editing the photos. Adorable! We love you baby girl! ~Brandy Lewis (Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer)

So Curly/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

This baby girl was so bendy and curly! This is why I don’t do studio sessions past the 14 day window. After that, babies don’t want to curl up like this anymore and are more awake. I’ve been doing a lot of in-home sessions lately which I really love but I am looking forward to my next studio sessions coming up! This baby girl is just perfect! ~Brandy Lewis (Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer)

Ginger/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

This is another one of my favorite families!! I met them at their son’s newborn session and have been photographing them since. I LOVE them. Their kids just pull at my heartstrings so very much and I could hang out and talk to them all day. They are adorably sweet and so cute together. Even when they are being wild, I don’t even mind. 😉 I loved this location! It was different than any other place I’ve been to and it was perfect! I love that we got some photos with the grandmother too. It’s so important to capture these years with grandparents! I’m always happy when a family asks if they can come to the session! I wish I had photos with my grandparents like these! I hope you guys are doing well! ~Brandy Lewis (Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer)

In Motion/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I met this guy at his newborn session during the pandemic when I was only doing wrapped mini-sessions and now look at him, all grown up! This age is tricky sometimes. It involves a lot of motion! 😉 I know I was pretty tired when I got in the car after this session. lol Mom and dad were just amazing and are the best, most loving parents! This kid is super lucky!! I hope you guys are doing well!! ~Brandy Lewis (Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer)

Fall Colors/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I love this family so very much and have known their girls since they were both born!! It’s always so wonderful to get to see them and their sweet girls. Mom picked out this location and it was beautiful! I got there early to check it out and was in awe of the reflection of the leaves on the water. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen! I might just go back next year to sit by the water because it’s so peaceful. I don’t do many family sessions anymore. I am mostly just doing newborn sessions but this family has a special place in my heart! ~Brandy Lewis (Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer)