Outdoors!/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I’ve continued to do all of my sessions outdoors and it’s wonderful!  I get to continue to work and I’m loving doing something different!  The outdoor newborn photos are my favorites!  I really love that I’m getting to see previous clients and their families!  The kids are growing up so quickly!!  Soon it will be getting cold and I’m trying to figure out what my sessions will look like.  I will be posting something soon!

A Parking Lot?/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

This evening’s session almost got rescheduled because of rain!  But we raced north to get away from the rain and got to our second location but it was closed!  We ended up on the side of a parking lot and I’m so glad that we did because the views there and the scenery was just beautiful!  I loved doing this session with this beautiful family!  I will definitely be posting more later!!

Gorgeous Family/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I loved getting to see this family again!  I hadn’t seen them in three years and wow, their boys sure have grown!  And now they have a beautiful baby girl too who has SO much hair!!  I love getting to see families over the years.  It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of my job!  I have a LOT of outdoor sessions coming up and I can’t wait to see all of these families too!

I love this one in color and black and white!  

Fall Sessions/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I’ve been doing all outdoor sessions and I’m absolutely loving them!!!  The weather has been beautiful and this is a safe way to work again.  I didn’t work from March through most of August and I was really missing it!  It’s so good to be back!  Once it gets cold, I’m going to have to figure out what I’m doing to do and how to do sessions safely indoors.  I’ll keep everyone posted!  But until then, happy fall from these beautiful babies!!