Who Said….

…that having a broken leg is no fun?!

You get to:

become a backpack,


crawl into laundry baskets,


play with play dough,





and best of all, you get to…..



eat paint!!!  Yum!



This weekend, I have 2 sessions that I’m very excited about, so I will stop torturing you readers with pictures of my girl!  😉


Me and My Girl

Since Mya broke her leg, we have gotten a lot of one-on-one time together.  I’m not up cleaning the house and folding laundry while she plays anymore because I feel bad just leaving her sitting all by herself in the playroom.  So she’s getting a lot of one-on-one time with my camera too.  😉  I think she might be getting used to it.  I can hope anyways!



Talking to my mom.  My mom has called us almost everyday ever since she found out I was pregnant with Mya.  Because she lives so far away, it’s her way of making sure that Mya really knows her and knows her voice.  After Mya was born, she had heard my mom’s voice so much on the phone (when I held it up to my belly) that she instantly smiled and cooed at her when my mom held her.  We can’t wait to see her when she comes for Thanksgiving!

Last Etsy Dress!

This is the last dress that I have to post.  It’s soo cute!  And this little girl just looks adorable in it too!  If you haven’t checked out this Etsy site, get there already.  😉  I really enjoyed working with you guys!  I hope to work with you again when you make some more precious little dresses!



Momma Takes Over

So this week, photographer has stepped out and momma has stepped in.  On Friday, Mya broke her leg in two places while climbing up the ladder to go down the slide at the park.  Her foot slipped off of the second step and the next thing we know, her leg is broken!!  I was even holding her by the waist when it happened!  How crazy is that?!  So it has been a bit of a whirl wind here at our house, mainly because at first, we didn’t realize it was her leg.  We thought that there was no way that she could have hurt herself doing what she did.  We thought that she was fussy because she didn’t feel well.  She felt like she had a fever so we took her to the doctor to get checked out.  The doctor thought that maybe she had the flu and tested her, but no, no flu.  Later that day, we realized that Mya wasn’t putting her right foot on the floor and refused to walk.  HELLO?!!  That’s when my husband and I raced her to the ER.  Sure enough, it was broken.  So she is now in a splint and will be in a cast in a week.  Man, oh man!  What a crazy weekend we have had.  So my session for Sunday was changed to this coming Saturday.  Thank goodness the mom of that session wanted to reschedule anyways because her daughter got hurt at the park too, not quite as severe as our story, but enough to make her want to change the date.  So here is my sweet girl in her new wagon, just chillin’!  😉



Oh My Goodness!

I am still working on the photos from last weekend’s session of the engagement pictures (It’s taking me a gajillion years to go through them because my camera and photoshop don’t work together!!  WHAT?!  More expenses!) and I’m just in LOVE with all of their pictures.  Everyone I work on, I just sit there and stare at it for a while and smile.  This one is just one that I found and adore.