Baby Ellis/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I took entirely too many pictures at this lifestyle session.   When I sat down to edit them, I couldn’t believe how many adorable pictures there were so I had to edit them all!  I sat and edited for 2 straight days and my neck was not happy with me.  lol  But this family was so beautiful and had the cutest children.  This big sister was incredible and only 2 years old.  She was super cooperative and loves her baby brother!  Mom mentioned so many times how tired they are and I remember those days too well.  But it flies by and before you know it, they are off to kindergarten.  Thank you guys for allowing me into your home to get some super sweet photos of you all together!

Baby Reece/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I love in-home lifestyle sessions.  They are so relaxed and I feel like we aren’t rushed to hurry and get the session done while the baby sleeps.  With lifestyle session, it’s okay if the baby is awake which sure does take a lot of pressure off!  And these photos are much more organic and natural.  This family had just redone their home and it was beautiful!  Thank you guys for allowing me into your home to document this fleeting time in your lives!