Baby Noah/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I loved this session so much!  This momma emailed me at the end of last year and I knew from her first email that she was going to be awesome!  I could feel the excitement and energy just through her words.  She texted me from the hospital after her baby boy was born and I could sense how scared she was when her baby boy got put into the NICU.  I stood in my kitchen and cried for her.  My heart was breaking for her.  No mom ever plans for something like that to happen.  I even asked my husband if it would be weird if I went to visit her!  I just wanted to give her a giant hug!  Her baby boy did great and was out in no time.  The amount of love that this momma has for her boy is so beautiful to see.  She makes me want another baby just so that I can experience that kind of love for a 4th time!  She’s one of the most incredible mommas I’ve ever seen.  Her baby boy is so very lucky!  By the way, she is also a photographer here in town.  So if you’re looking for an incredibly talented photographer for your family or wedding, check her out:  I know that I’ve met a friend in this momma and I can’t wait to watch her baby boy grow up!

More of Lucas/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I love parent shots.  It’s one thing that I wish I had with my own children.  All we have are snapshots that my husband took.  I wish I had something I could hang on our walls.  These photos are so important because they are what our children will want to have when they are grown, and their children!  When parents come in and don’t want their photos taken, or they feel like they don’t look like themselves after just having had a baby, I tell them this.  These photos are for future generations!  This baby boy was so smiley when he was with his momma.  And this family shot,….one of my favorites!