Twins/Asheville Child and Family Photographer

This evening I did a session with a family that had twin 6 year old boys.  These two boys were so awesome!  Most boys aren’t too crazy about having their picture taken, and a lot of times at the end of a session, the kids, boys and girls, are usually tired, cranky and headed towards meltdown city.  Not these two!  They were so much fun through their entire session!  I had a lot of  fun with you guys!  Here are two pictures that I noticed right away when I started editing.  So nice meeting you guys!


One Year!/Asheville Child and Family Photographer

Yesterday I did a one year session for a family that I did maternity pictures for. It’s so cool to me to meet a family while they are expecting their baby and then see them a year later with this really beautiful baby girl who is walking and has so much personality.  She was so full of smiles and was ready to be on the move.  Poor girl had a cold and at the end was ready to be done and all snuggled up in her car seat with her lovie.  Congratulations you guys on your amazing family!  I’m sure I’ll have more to share as I start editing so check back for more!

Witchy Woman/Asheville Child and Baby Photographer

This evening I got the kids together for a Halloween picture.  I had the idea to make Piper a witch after finding this adorable witch hat.  Mya decided she wanted to be Piper the witch’s cat and of course River wanted to be whatever Mya was.  😉  But finding a boy cat costume was impossible!  So I tried to make one for him and well, I’m not exactly crafty in that way!  I’m not too fond of how it turned out but he loved it and was so excited to wear it.  He didn’t want to paint his face today but maybe for Halloween.  Check out Piper’s tutu.  One of my previous students from TX made that for her!  So adorable!  We are so excited for Halloween to get here!!