3 Months/Asheville Baby Photographer

We were in Austin this past week for Thanksgiving and I got to meet this sweet little man who just turned 3 months old.  He is our cousin’s new baby.  His momma had a lot of ideas for things that she wanted but I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get those newborn-ish shots that she really wanted.  But we did!  I loved doing pictures in their home since that’s not something I get to do very often.  It was fun going through their things and picking out what things we wanted to use and I love how they turned out!  By the way, this momma and her family members sure are talented.  They made most of the things that we used:  the Beatles quilt, the little knitted shorts, the Santa hat and shorts,…I may need to take some lessons so I can start making my own props!   I miss you guys already and can’t wait to see you again!

His daddy painted this yellow submarine!  I loved it!!

And we couldn’t leave out their first baby!

Holiday Mini-Sessions!/Asheville Family Photographer

So I’ve been debating about whether or not I wanted to do mini-sessions for the holidays.  It’s not something I’ve ever done because I usually like spending a long time with just one family, taking our time, getting some good shots and then going home to work on their pictures.  And then I started looking on-line for a photographer to do a session for my own family.  Wow!  It’s hard!  Everyone that I found that I just loved ended up costing  a fortune or they were already booked.  Luckily, one of my favorite photographers in town was able to fit us in!  I’m so, so happy, but now I know how it feels to really want photos done of your family and you can’t find anyone who isn’t booked or who doesn’t cost half a year’s salary!  So I changed my mind and decided that I am going to do mini-sessions, to make it affordable for everyone and so that families who want photos for their holiday cards, can have them in time.  I am only doing a small number of these since it’s adding to the sessions that I already had booked for the year, so if you want to do one of these sessions, please don’t wait to email me because I just hate turning people down when I’m too booked.  🙂

*The sessions will be on the afternoon of December 2nd, starting at 3:00.  Each family will get 20 minutes.  We will get as many shots as we can during this time, but you are guaranteed at least 3-5 photos that will be touched up and edited.

*You will be able to download all of your original sized photos straight to your computer, at no extra cost.  (These can be printed as large as you like!)

*This is only for parents and children.  There will be a $15 charge for additional people.  (Please no pets since our time is limited.)

*The focus of these sessions will be on getting good family shots, but if there is extra time, we can get photos of just the kids or of mom/dad with the children or just mom and dad.

*The cost for this sessions is $100 and includes all of your original sized downloads.  Payment is due at booking to hold your spot.

*These will be held at the UNCA Botanical Gardens.

Email me or leave a comment here if you would like one of these sessions!  brandy@brandylewisphotography.com  We will be going to TX for Thanksgiving, so if it takes me a few hours to get back to you, don’t worry, I will get back to you as soon as I can!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I’m 1!/Asheville Baby Photographer

I haven’t done a cake smash in a while and was really excited about this one.  I’ve known this baby girl since she was in her momma’s tummy!  And now here she is one year old.  I loved doing this session because I love this age and think that cake smashes are so much fun!  This little girl was a huge fan of the cake and kept saying, “Mmmmmm.”  😉 But when she was done, she was DONE!  She wanted that icing off of her right then.  lol  Thank you guys for letting me do pictures for you again.  By the way, this momma is a cast member of many of the shows at the Flat Rock Playhouse and I hear she’s pretty darn talented.  If you’re feeling rather generous this holiday season, they are trying to raise money to keep the theater around.  Check out their link where you can donate: http://www.flatrockplayhouse.org/supportfrp/

This was after her much needed bath.  😉  I felt like a fool after I took this picture because her mom was singing to her and swaying with her and I just started crying!  Such a really precious moment and it tugged at my heart strings.  I blame all things on hormones right now, not the fact that I’m a sensitive Pisces.  😉

Happy Half/Asheville Child Photographer

Mya just turned 4 1/2.  I wasn’t going to do pictures this time around because we just did some at the beach, but one day out of the blue when I told her that she would be 4 1/2 soon, she said, “Oh yay!  That means we get to do pictures, right?”  So I found a cute little outfit for her and have been holding onto it ever since. My sweet little client that I was supposed to do a session with today was sick so I thought this was the perfect day to do Mya’s pictures.   I had to wake her up from her nap to get her ready since the sun is now down by 5:30 and she was not happy.  I almost said, “Forget it,” but once I told her that we needed to get going before it got dark so that we could take her pictures, she was up and so happy!  She was the cutest thing ever when we were out there.  Every person that passed by, she said, “I’m 4 1/2!  We’re doing pictures.  This was my idea!”  😉  If you know my girl, you know that she is very outgoing and loves to talk to adults, much more than her semi-shy momma!  And it just so happened that we went to a birthday party today so she wanted to bring her balloon, perfect!  I love this girl more than I love Mexican food.  Now that’s a whole heck of a lot.  LOL  Happy 1/2 birthday my sweet girl!  You rocked it tonight!

Her face is just so perfect to me, so angelic.  🙂

Boys Rock/Asheville Family Photographer

This evening I did a session with this family and they were a ton of fun.  There little boy has so much personality and had me laughing so much.  He was so, so sweet too.  I just have a love for little boys.  I want to pick them up and give them a big squeeze because I think they are the cutest things ever!  I really loved doing pictures for you guys and can’t wait to keep on editing your session.  But it’s past 9:00 and that means snooze time for this party animal that I’ve become.  lol