Little Sadie/Asheville Newborn Photographer

I finally got to meet the baby girl who’s momma I just did maternity pictures for.  She is one beautiful baby!  She did give me and her momma  a little scare though.  She was wide awake and not too happy with us for the first hour of her session.  Worried me a little, but once we got her to sleep and happy, she was like that for a very long time.  I took more photos of her than I have any newborn because she just stayed out!  And I knew her momma was going to be a great momma when I met her and I was right.  Some people are just born to be a parent and she is one of them!  When I think back to how I was with my first baby, I was not that cool and relaxed.  I was a frazzled mess most of the days!  She is a natural!  And thanks to Sadie’s dad for being so patient!  Most dads don’t  enjoy newborn sessions because they really do take a long time but this dad was so content!  Makes my job easier!  Thank you both for being such perfect clients!  I loved doing pictures for you again!  And I’m sharing a lot because I had a hard time picking some of my favorites!  🙂

Cool, Cool Momma/Asheville Maternity Photographer

Today I did a session with the absolutely coolest momma I’ve ever met.  This girl was nearly 40 weeks pregnant but you would never know it.  I never heard a complaint or groan from her.  “Can you lay on the ground?”  “Sure!”  “Can you stand in the middle of these plants that are ankle high?”  “No problem!”  I wish I could have been more like that as a pregnant lady!  Girl, you are going to be such a great momma, so easy-going.  And I cannot WAIT to see this baby girl.  Oh I am just so excited to meet her and do her newborn photos. I’ll be checking my email constantly for word of her arrival!  You guys take it easy and I’ll be talking to you very soon!