More of Baby River/Asheville Newborn Photographer

I took some more pictures of River today.  I’m trying to get as many pictures as I can of him as a newborn before it’s too late.  I know that time is going to fly by and I just don’t want him to ever grow up!  I love his sweet little self so much!  I don’t even care that I am completely exhausted.  It doesn’t bother me at all getting up at night, no matter how many times it is, because I know that before too long, he’s going to be a toddler, running all over the place, getting into everything, asking “Why?” and talking back.  lol  So little man, stay small for me for as long as you can.

The boy has some big ole hands and feet!  It was one of the first things that the nurses noticed about him.  😉

Introducing River!/Asheville Newborn Photographer

Our baby, River Levi, was finally born this past Tuesday morning at 5:08 am!  I really didn’t think he was ever going to join the world.  I was so beyond ready and a week past due!  Labor was a nightmare and I joke that I now need counseling.  lol  But it’s over, he’s here, and he’s a dream baby, except at night!  😉  We’ve been up most of the night for the past two nights.  He doesn’t cry, but just doesn’t want to sleep.  Thank goodness for all of the DVR’d shows that we have to catch up on. We are so in love with this boy.  I feel so blessed every time I look at him and Mya.  I’m such a lucky momma!   Today I was so tired and really should have slept since he slept most of the day, but was too excited to do his newborn pictures.  So here’s our sweet little baby boy.  And here’s to hoping that we get some sleep tonight.  😉  I have more ideas for photos that I’m going to do later this week.  Poor little man just doesn’t know that he is now my favorite subject.