And the winner is……

Christina!!!  I almost missed your comment!!!  That was quick.  I thought this might go on for a few days.  The answer?

Betsey Johnson!!  I love her but nope, I don’t have any of her clothes.  So Christina, email me and we can set up your free session!!!  Yay!!  Thank you everyone for participating!  That was fun!

Let the Games Begin

Okay, I thought I would have a little contest for some fun!  The first person to guess my favorite designer will get a FREE session with me (a $250 value)!

Here are the rules:  This session must be used by July 31st and must be in the Manhattan area.  This does not include prints or the free 8×10 canvas that is being given to the first 5 NY clients.  Guesses need to be left as a comment on this post.  You can guess as many times as you would like.  As soon as someone gets it right, the contest is over and I will put up the winner!

Here’s a hint:  I don’t own any of her clothes because let’s face it, I’m not a millionaire.  😉  And yes, I said “her”.  And her name has a “t” in it.

Good luck!