Photo of the Year Contest

So I am done with sessions for the year so I thought it would be fun to have a photo contest.  I’m going to put up some of my favorite photos from the year and let you readers vote for which one is your favorite.  The owner of the winning picture will get a free 8×10 canvas of that photo.  To vote you must leave a comment and in the comment leave the title of the photo that is your favorite.  You can get friends and family to help you vote.  I will close the voting on Friday night at midnight so get started!  (One vote per person, please.)  🙂

Title:  Sweet Girl

Title below:  What a Doll

Title below:  Good Times

Title below:  Birthday Girl

Title below:  We R Family!

Title below:  Whew, it’s chilly!

Title below:  Sweet family

Title below:  It’s a crowd!

Title below:  360

Title below:  The Door

Title below:  Little Model

Title below:  Birthday boy

Title below:  Students

Title below:  Carolina Girl

Title below:  Twins

Title below:  Honey, I heart u!

Title below:  Smoochy scmoochy

Title below:  Brown eyes

Title below:  Baby on the way!

Title below: I-C-U

Title below:  Beautiful

Title below:  Young Love

Title below:  Walkin’ on Sunshine

Title below:  brown eyed girl

Title Below:  “No more cameras!”

Santa Came!

So Santa came to our neighborhood this afternoon.  Mya is terrified of him!!  She wants nothing to do with him but she will tell you that he is “niiiiice” and he brings you “toys”.  😉  Her outfit was just so cute (from my mom) and the light was just amazing so I had to do a little shoot out in the parking lot.  lol

The Santa thing lasted about 2 minutes with Mya so we went to the park afterwards.

So this is our Santa picture this year.  lol  What  a cool Santa to do this for us.

Hey Coach!

This morning I took pictures for the old P.E. teacher at the school that I used to work at and her family.  Before I left the house, I thought, “Oh, a 4 year old and a 4 month old, this will be easy!!  😉  Well, the 4 year old swore that he was NOT having his picture taken, the minute that he saw me.  And so we started with the baby and she was easy.  Shortly after, the 4 year old slowly started warming up to me and was doing great but then the baby started crying.  lol  I had a fun time this morning no matter who didn’t want their picture taken.  I got some great pictures of them all and I can’t wait to show more.  Right now my computer is going CR-AZY!  So I’m going to restart it and try again later tonight.  So here are just a few pictures that I was able to get done.  Thanks, coach, for meeting me so early.  I know it’s hard to get the family out the door early like that so I appreciate you working with me and it was so nice to see you again and to get to hang out with your family!  (Just added more.  🙂  Computer is working again.  Whew!)

Not quite warmed up to me yet:


A while back I asked a friend, who I thought took great pictures, if she would take family pictures for us.  I wanted her to take them and then let me photoshop them in the style that I love, vintage!  So today that’s what we did.  It was rainy and cold and just plain uck outside but I didn’t care.  We were getting these pictures done before anymore time passed.  Of course Mya chipped her tooth the other night, but as Ryder said, “That’s what she looks like right now.”  My response?  That’s not what she’s supposed to look like!  But he’s right.  So we went to Round Rock and hung out for a while.  Thank you so much, Brandy!  You are going to go far, girl.  Just believe in yourself.  She told me when she brought my CD by how nervous she had been.  I remember those days of just being scared to death to do pictures for anybody.  Heck, I still get like that before every session.  No need to get nervous with us.  I told her that if I just had one good picture of all of us together, that’s all I cared about and she got that!   Here are some of the pictures.

This one makes me cry.  THIS is what I wanted!  Pictures of us just playing with Mya.  I have nothing like that and that is what I wanted.  I wanted pictures of us just being ourselves and having fun with our baby girl.  And Brandy, you got it!  Thank you!!

I Got Me a Watermark!

So this month, lots of things are changing.  A new year is about to start and it’s a new start to my business.  I have a list of things that I need to accomplish before January and my assistant Ryder is at my side helping me get it all done.  The big thing is the on-line gallery.  I have it all set up and it’s ready to go!  I am excited to start using it.  I will now be selling prints through a password protected gallery where you will be able to see your prints and order which ones you like, including CANVASES, woohoo, and birth announcements and holiday cards.  Very exciting stuff!  Also, I now have a watermark on my photos.  It’s nothing fancy.  Maybe I will fancy it up later, but for now, I’m just glad to finally have one.  Hopefully this will keep sneaky folks from taking and printing photos that are copyrighted once I’m not giving CD’s away anymore.  (See photo below.)  So yay, 2 things checked off my list!  I look forward to the change that is coming!